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Product name: iBead
Description: Disposable flat vape pod with blasting filter
Material: Aluminum alloy
Battery capacity: Built-in 360 mAh lithum battery
Puff: About 350 puffs
Charging method: Disposable, throw after using
Vape pen weight: 15.4g
Vape size: 95*20*10 mm
Tank: 2.0 ml
Coil: Cotton
Heating coil resistance: 1.6Ω
MOQ: 100 set, OEM/ODM order need 1000 sets
Certifications: CE, RoHS

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New Disposable flat vape pen with blasting filter
Product name & Model iBead
Product weight 15.4g
Main material Aluminum alloy
Color Can be customized
Display screen no screen display
Feature Completely disposable, throw after using
The blasting filter design enriches the taste
Coil cotton
Tank capacity 2 ml
Size (Height)95.0*(Width)20*(Thickness)10mm
Built-in Or External Battery Built-in battery
Battery Capacity(mAh) 360 (Built-in battery capacity 360mAH)
Resistance(Ω) 1.6Ω
Power(W) 8.5W
Lead Time New e-cigarette
Shipping Method Air transport, express, etc.
Port Shenzhen China
Payment Terms T/T , L/C, Paypal
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Appearance: This is a new type of flat disposable vape pen, the body of aluminum alloy material, visually rich in technology. In addition, with a bead filter, increasing the player’s interest. Pick up and suck, easy to operate.


E-juice pod: The tank capacity 2ml, about 350 puffs. It is disposable pod that can not be replaced.


Battery: Built-in 360mAh battery, disposable using, no need to charge, throw it after using.

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