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Mallonga priskribo:

Produkta nomo: Bgoo Disposable / Refillable pod vape plumo
ID patent: 201930327924.6
Bateria kapacito: 480 Mah lithum baterio
Charging tempo: 60min-90min
Puff: Pri 500 spongo
Charging metodo: Micro USB
Vape plumo pezo: 27.4g (sen petrolo), 30g (kun petrolo)
Vape grandeco: inkludas 99.40 * 27,00 * 11.66mm
Vape pod kapacito: 1.8ml
Heating bobeno rezisto: 1.0Ω
Potenco: 9W, 10.2W, 11.5W
MOQ: 100 aro, OEM / ODM por bezono 1000 aroj
Pago Kondiĉoj: T / T, PayPal, L / C
Certifications: CE, RoHS,TPD

Produkta Instruction

produkto Detalo

produkto Etikedoj

Inshare 2019 Bgoo Nov Disposable kaj Refillable Pod vape plumo reŝargeblaj e cigaredon

Bgoo Disposable/Refillable Pod Vape Pen Instruction


Ŝajno:  This is a new type of flat electronic cigarette, aluminum alloy body, surface oxidation process, feel very good.
In addition to the streamlined design, it is visually more technologically savvy. And the ergonomic mouthpiece design makes the mouth fit more comfortable.
There are three level votage buttons in front of the vape pen to meet the taste needs of different fans, easy to operate.
E-juice Pod: With 1.8ml capacity, have disposable pods and refillable pods.
The disposable pod cannot be disassembled, and the pods is come with e-juice or empty pods. The refillable cartridges with a refilling plug, when the cartridge is produced, without the e-juice package, the user adds the e-juice according to his preference.
Kuirilaro:  Built-in 480mAh battery, rechargeable, using Micro-USB to charge 60-90 minutes, about 500 puffs, which can use 1-2 days.


Bgoo Disposable/Refillable Pod Vape Pen Specification


Inshare 2019 Bgoo Nov Disposable kaj Refillable Pod vape plumo reŝargeblaj e cigaredon
Produkta nomo & Model Bgoo
Produkta pezo 27.4g (sen petrolo), 30g (kun oleo)
ĉefa materialo Aluminia alojo surfaco oxidación (aliaj procezoj povas personecigi)
koloro Nigra, Arĝento, Ruĝa, aliaj koloroj povas esti personigita
Montru ekrano LED indikilo, neniu ekrano display
trajto Disposable kaj Refillable Pod.
Tri-rapido potenco reguligisto butonon.
Grandaj baterio kapacito.
bobeno Ceramikaj Coil
tanko kapablo 1.8ml
grandeco (Alteco) inkludas 99.40 * (Larĝeco) 27,00 * (Dikeco) 11.66mm
Enkorpigita Aŭ Eksteraj Baterio Enkorpigita baterio
Baterio Kapacito (mAh) 480 (Built-in battery capacity 480mAH)
Rezisto (Ω) 1.0Ω
Potenco (W) 9W, 10.2W, 11.5W (adjustable)
Packaging & Sendo
Donaco skatolo Packaging Grandeco 163 * 163 * 44mm (Single)
Carton skatolo Grandeco 900 * 183 * 346mm
Plenpleniganta Qty. 40pcs po Carton
plumbo Tempo Nova e-cigaredon
Shipping Metodo Aero transporto, rapida, ktp

Why Choose inshare?


Our R&D Team

1. Have a complete R & D team: MD engineers, electronic engineers, ID engineers, graphic designers, can meet OEM / ODM customization of different customers.

2. Research and development results: more than 100 related patents of e-cigarettes, including 10 invention patents.

3. We have joined and communicated with the e-cigarette industry associations at domestic and abroad, and are familiar with the technical industry standards in various regions of the world. We can design the products that customers need according to the idea proposed by the customer. From the previous product information exchange, to the middle mold development design, the later sample test , there is sufficient data to evaluate, to ensure that the product design meets the latest and most cutting-edge effects of the market.

4. Laboratory equipment configuration: vacuum negative pressure machine, high and low temperature test machine, battery content meter, smoke test machine, Salt spray test machine, vibration tester.

Electronic Cigarette equipment
Our Production

1. Managers have an average of more than 10 years of experience.

2. Assembly site: production site of 54,000 square ft2, 10 assembly lines.

3. Dust-free workshop: 11,000 square ft2, 5 assembly lines, can accommodate 100 employees.

4. Injection workshop: 32,000 square ft2, 20 injection molding machines, CNC / spark machine and other mold processing equipment.

5. Advanced production equipment: automatic sticker machine, oil filling machine, laser engraving machine, screen printing machine.

Electronic Cigarette production line
Our Quality Control

1. Complete management system certification of ISO9001.

2. Full inspection equipment for production line: resistance tester, microphone sensitivity tester, suction resistance tester, USB charging test. 100% test of production line products to ensure product qualification rate reaches 99.9%.

3. Perfect supply chain management, independent IQC management unit, manage raw materials, and strictly perform incoming inspection according to AQL1.0 standard to ensure that incoming materials meet quality requirements.

4. Periodic raw material RoHS testing, as well as a supply chain RoHS guarantee agreement to ensure that all incoming materials meet EU environmental standards.

5. Perfect quality process to ensure quality abnormality, from the source of supply to the later tracking.

6. E-cigarette smoking products have passed the EU CE / RoHS / TPD certification, and can also meet the needs of customers to do the qualification certification of each region.  


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