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Inshare V8′s new product is pounding in

V8 cbd 8x8

As a 6-year-old enterprise in the electronic cigarette industry, Inshare has been devoting itself to developing and manufacturing fashionable and practical products. In the past two years, marijuana industry has developed vigorously, and many excellent brands have emerged. Carridges in the market are facing serious homogenization. CCELL has occupied most of the high-end markets through powerful channels and marketing. Inshare is committed to excellent product experience and product design. Based on products and services, inshare develops the advantages of the industrial chain to the extreme, bringing customers the ultimate products and experience.


V8 is aimed at THC&CBD market, after six months to build products, using the most advanced honeycomb ceramics, with the ultimate taste. The pore size of ceramic micropore is 8um, and the pore rate reaches 50%. It can guarantee the product’s smoke and excellent atomization taste.


In order to prevent oil leakage, we adopt a pressing seal with minimal travel to prevent the phenomenon of oil leakage when oil is massively squeezed into ceramics in the process of pressing. At the same time, in the process of product testing, we use water, e-juice, THC oil to test, to ensure that there is no oil leakage.


In product design, we try our best to keep in line with the mainstream products, while highlighting different design features, really give customers a 100% perfect product.

Let Inshare be your biggest rear support to seize the market.

Post time: Aug-02-2019