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Take you back to the VEB Beijing Electronic Cigarette Show, it should not be too exciting!

The three-day 2019 Beijing International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition ended successfully on December 8. All members of the VEB project team and all the exhibitors worked hard for months of preparations before the show. Thanks to all media, professional buyers, practitioners in related industries, and visitors from all over the country and abroad, and the visitors came to the scene to participate in the VEB show. The beautiful temperature of VEB!

2019 Beijing International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

E-cigarettes are rapidly updated, and different flavors and new technologies are continuously derived, such as smokeless e-cigarettes, smart electronic cigarettes, oil-leak-proof atomizing cores, etc. In recent years, e-cigarettes have become fashionable and “Technology” combined with full-fledged electronic equipment, VEB Beijing Electronic Cigarette Show showcases the core technology of the electronic cigarette industry and leads the industry progress.

In the days after the exhibition, the editor will take you back to review the details of the VEB exhibition and the charm of each brand. Please pick it up next.


Give you an extraordinary suction experience

arpha e-cigarettes, with professional technology and stylish vision, give users the most unique smoking experience. At the new product launch conference, arpha mainly introduced six new styles, which are very eye-catching from the name: the polar realm is cold mint, the summer Champs Elysees is sweet green mung bean flavor, the Sicilian sea breeze is fresh lemon flavor, The explorer of the rainforest is a sweet mango. When you meet Bordeaux, it is an elegant red wine taste. The sleeping volcanic island is a classic tobacco flavor. From the name of the e-cigarette taste, the “extraordinary experience” shows the intention of the archa brand.


Yishuang, health

To provide smokers with a healthier, more convenient and more economical alternative to tobacco, and create a large health ecosystem of atomization. Yishuang is committed to creating green and safe electronic cigarettes. In the process of helping smokers reduce their harm, they gradually use the latest nicotine salt technology to transition and advocate “0 nicotine” green and healthy e-liquids.

VOZOL-Micro vertical

An e-cigarette with a better taste

Innovative and simple appearance, first-class high-quality materials, excellence in technology, easy-to-use functions, reliable and stable quality, and reasonable and affordable prices are the standard equipment of Vozol. VOZOL’s new product launch conference is a disposable electronic cigarette D1. With its rounded and exquisite appearance, delicate texture, smooth and strong, and colorful color combinations, it caused a sensation among many agents. Its theme slogan “Her lascivious” is eye-catching.

VEB Exhibition Review

Many professional audiences were engaged in e-cigarette-related work at the site. They came to study and exchange from all over the country. Many e-cigarette enthusiasts from abroad also came to the VEB site. It can be seen that everyone is very optimistic about the e-cigarette industry. Regardless of the recent social and media public opinion on e-cigarettes, they have not weakened their enthusiasm.


Post time: Dec-10-2019